Solar Battery Charger

# Specification:
Type :Li-ion
Availability:In stock now
Capacity:2000 mAh
Condition:Brand New, High quality li-ion cells
Net Weight:1.059 pounds
charging Time :7-8 hours
Dimensions :11.3*7.3*2.4 Inch

* Full One year warranty and 30 days money back.
* 100% made of solar cell.
* Accessories can not be used according to the Spec.
* Fit for different types of headlamp, flashlight, camping lights, cell phones, walkie-talkie, GPS, digital cameras, mp3, mp4 and other electronic products.
* Solar energy is changed into electric power directly under sunshine; you can charge cell phones, MP3, MP4 at any time and any place. Ideal for business men, outdoor activities, travelers.
* Solar panels : Output Voltage: 6V ,Maximal Output Current:200 mA
* Solar battery : Capacity: 2000 mAh; Input Voltage:5-6V, Input Current:500mA, Output Voltage: 5.3V, Output Current:500mA # Input Line: 31.5 Inch, USB-MINI USB
* Output Line: 31.5 Inch, USB-DC Base
* USB universal charger: DC Input Voltage : 5.0 ±0.25V; DC Output Voltage: 4.2±0.05V ,Maximal DC Output Current: 500 mA
* USB Ni/MH battery charger: Input Voltage :5V, Input Current:500 mA Output DC2×(1.4V-220mA)AA Output DC2×(1.4V-100mA)AAA DC Output Voltage: 4.2±0.05V ,Maximal DC Output Current: 500 mA
* Takes 7-8 hours to fully charge the special battery
* USB universal charger: Almost all kinds of cellphone battery and Digital battery can be fully charged by the solar panels,special battery and USB.
* USB Ni/MH battery charger: AA and AAA Ni/MH battery can be be charged to full capacity by the solar battery or AC, providing enough energy for the digital camera,camping lights, cell phones and so on.
* Accessory: Solar panels, Specical Battery, Input Line & Output Line, USB universal charger, USB Ni/MH battery charger, 6 pcs plugs (Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, and Erisson, etc).
* Pass CE and ROHS!
Solar charger
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