Intel plans to launch 17 microprocessor next January

It news:

December 18, according to foreign reports, Intel plans to launch CES Consumer Electronics Show which introduces 17 microprocessors on a chip, it was the first time for the company to achieve the manufacturing technology- the latest achievements of 32 nm.

The 17 models will use the Core Duo chip brand, they are all based on a design technique known as Nehalem.

The adoption of the technology makes the performance of Intel's high-end chips be improved in the past year. The use of the chip size from 45 nm is reduced to 32 nm production process, more functionality can be concentrated in a smaller space inside, thus reducing production costs. Intel plans to let the mainstream desktop and laptop computers also enjoy the benefits of lower costs and prices , and provide consumers with a wide selection space.

On January 7 it will hold pre-CES product launches, Intel will not be disclosed the outside world most of the details, such as the pricing of the new chip, and which PC makers will use these chips.

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