Firefox 3.5 is the most widely used browser than IE7

IT news:

December 22, according to foreign media reports, research firm Stat Counter data show that, Firefox3.5 has surpassed IE7, as the world's most widely used browser.

Stat Counter said that as the users from IE 7 upgrade to IE 8, leading to sharp drop in share of IE7, IE8 is basically flat now. The Firefox3.5 is recently roaring and replace the hegemony of IE 7.
Stat Counter data show that IE 7 is currently a market share of 21.21%, IE8 is 20.31%, while the Firefox3.5 increased to 21.92%.

Firefox 3.0 market share 9.01%, Firefox2.0 of 1.01%. But overall, IE combined market share is still dominant, IE6.0 market share of 13.92%.

In addition, Safari 4.0 market share of 3.02%, while Opera 9.6 to 0.42%.

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