Google will acquire social-networking site Aardvark bid 50 million U.S. dollars

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Google said on Sunday it would acquire the company Mechanical Zoo Inc, the company's principal operating social networking sites Aardvark. Aardvark's core services are technical means to analyze a user's question, and then find the most suitable for the person to answer this question, and through instant messaging or email to reply questioner.

This move shows that Google's ambitions for the social networking website market, the market is currently being Facebook, and Twitter monopoly.

This week, Google introduced Google Buzz, of this product will enhance the social functioning among mail service Gmail, go. According to TechCrunch blog cited anonymous data show that the deal price of approximately 50 million U.S. dollars.

Last year in October, GoogleCEO Schmidt announced that Google is currently open the door for the deal is reach a lot of acquisitions, but this business of course, belong to this family business one.

Mechanical Zoo Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco, in late 2007 by two former Google employees created. As of last October, Aardvark has a subscriber base of about 90,000 people, the web site for users to find answers to those questions, the answers to those who focus on the individual circumstances of the regular contacts, hobbies and regional as well as some other mysterious features. And the commitment of each issue be resolved within 5 minutes, no more than 10 minutes.

So far, we Google, the search giant how to integrate this technology into their own products are also unclear.

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