Nokia and Motorola smartphone market share decline


In 2009 smart phones is very hot, the market had its major reshuffle, according to the latest market research shows that the world's top five mobile phone manufacturers have three sales and market share decline, although still firmly ahead of Nokia's leading position, but with Motorola, Sony Ericsson are all is a family of market share decline, while the Korea University Samsung and LG are contrarian growth.

Market research consultancy Gartner, today (24) released statistics that the fourth quarter of 2009, global sales of more than 340 million mobile phone terminal units, representing growth of 8.3% a year earlier; the year, compared with 1.2 billion mobile phones sold 1,100 million units higher than in 2008 slightly decreased by 0.9%.

Survey shows strong growth in sales of bps8 smart phones to become the global mobile phone market in 2009 Taiwan's main stays; fourth quarter of 2009, smart mobile terminal sales volume of 5,380 million units, representing a substantial growth of 41.1 percent a year earlier; annual sales volume of 7,240 million units, compared with 100 million more than in 2008 increased 23.8%.

Statistical analysis showed that the world's top five mobile phone manufacturers have three sales and market share decline, are: Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson, but Samsung and LG are Korean system was contrarian growth. In 2009, to focus for the development of smart phone manufacturers, such as Apple and RIM, doing well in the global smartphone market share of 14.4%, respectively, and 19.9%; other hand, the top five manufacturer's market share continued to lost to Apple and other manufacturers, the overall market share from 79.7% in 2008 to 2009 to 75.3%.

The survey also shows that in the smart phone operating system market, Nokia's Symbian system, while maintaining the lead, but the market share dropped 5.4 percentage points, iPhone has replaced Microsoft as the world's third-largest operating system Windows.

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