The New York Times: In 2010, Apple iPad

In 2009, I've written about in 2010 will be the "Tablet PC years"; and this forecast from Apple CEO Steve - Steve Jobs introduced to the world only a few months iPad. I said, 2010 will appear on the market several brands of tablet PCs, including those from Apple, Microsoft, Google and other computer manufacturers of innovative technology products, the move will change the shape of the computer, will also change our magazines, newspapers, video and other Web content reading and spending habits.

However, most of the Tablet PC at the outset have not been successful. For example: Microsoft Courier, an innovative dual-screen tablet computer color; Microsoft shelved the project, the specific reasons we have so far not known. For a long time for Google Tablet PC rumors spread like wildfire; but has yet to officially open the market. As for other products, including Hearst's Skiff, including electronic reader, have also been strangled in the cradle.

So what happened in Tablet PC? The answer is simple: iPad. Google is a tablet PC look like, embedded in its perfect iTune application experience, competitive pricing; all of which help Apple and quickly occupied the Tablet PC market.

As we enter 2011, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next year's January 6 to 9 in Las Vegas. At that time, 2,500 companies will showcase the latest electronic products for this; and that most of them associated with the Tablet PC. Microsoft, HP, and a series of Google Android platform using the Tablet PC will appear in front of people; all of the ultimate goal of these manufacturers are replaced by Apple. So, this also indicates that next year is still a "Tablet PC years."

Market research firm IDC, Forrester and market research co-published annual report, from the sale of electronic products, applications and trends, the tablet PC market in the next few years, the explosion in growth. IDC predicts the U.S. market only Tablet PC sales in 2011 will be up to 42 million units.

However, which company is expected to compete against Apple in this area? Today, consumers look forward to the listing iPad 2; about it more and more full of the news networks; content and we can look forward to include: whether the equipment before and after the dual rear camera, and possibly reduce the design.

If only by providing peripheral equipment, bigger screens and other technology upgrades to entice consumers, those companies trying to compete with Apple probably will fail - as previously tried the same. But some may not fail, like Google, take enormous effort to upgrade the operating system Android platform, and Chrome, is committed to a larger screen, may still be able to create competitive products. However, this hope may be realized in the next year; or we can look forward to 2012

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