Analysts say Samsung and Nokia are most likely to buy Palm

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March 28, according to foreign media reports, patents, consulting firm PatentVest CEO Anthony Mazaleyrat (Anthony Mazzarella) said he believed that in view of Palm smartphones have the field of patents and fierce competition VGP-BPS8, Samsung and Nokia are the most likely to Palm's acquisition of two companies.

Since earlier this month released disappointing third-quarter earnings report, and forecast current-quarter results would be worse, since the industry would take it that Palm will "die." It is learned Palm executives said the VGP-BPS8 company is willing to sell the company a fair and reasonable price.

For Palm, the reasons for patents by other companies after the acquisition is a result of the bankruptcy of the worst. Need patent "umbrella" of the smart phone manufacturers to buy Palm, to avoid being Apple, RIM or Motorola in the indictment. Palm has a large number of mobile phone-related patents Dell inspiron e1505 Battery.

Mazaleyrat said, "According to our calculations, Palm and Apple in the value of a patent on an order of magnitude, the market has underestimated the value of a patent Palm."

Mazaleyrat pointed out that Samsung in patent applications referenced in Palm patents than any other company, followed by Nokia. Apple and Motorola, Palm cited the number of patents is only half of Samsung, "Samsung and Nokia, Palm definitely very high interest in the patent."

However, mobile phone analyst with IDC Weiersituo fare (Will Stofega) that he felt that the two companies are currently not buying Palm, "Nokia, there are some legal dispute, and is transforming Symbian, unless it can be a very low price acquisition of Palm, or acquisition of Palm does not make sense. " Stofega said that Samsung and Nokia, similar to the situation. Samsung developing its own smartphone platform Bada Thinkpad t20 battery. Stofega said, Palm still have time, may be recovered.

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