Apple Lisa Computer discount price is available for 43 iPad

Apple News:

On The morning of March 27, according to foreign media reports, the United Kingdom Vouchers online trading site for the past 30 years, Apple's product cost analysis and found that 1983 release of Apple's Lisa computer folding replaced if the current price, you can purchase a full 43 Department of iPad VGP-BPS8.

Vouchers will be many years of inflation into account, which will be issued at a price converted into current prices. As a means of pairs of iPad Apple A1189 battery products in the ages to judge the pricing.

1983 Macintosh prototype, which is Apple M4685 batterys Lisa computer when it is published price of 9995 U.S. dollars, while the folding replaced by current prices as high as 2.1745 million U.S. dollars. MacintoshPortable released in 1989 was priced at 6500 U.S. dollars, while the discount price is as high as 1.1356 million U.S. dollars. In the October 2001 release of the first generation iPod was priced at 399 dollars, while the discount price also reached 498 U.S. dollars. The Starter Edition iPad price of only 499 U.S. dollars.

Through the above data is easy to see, iPad in the ancient Apple's pricing of the product is indeed relatively low.

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