Huawei deploys LTE networks 69


The afternoon of March 19 messages (both Chiang Kai-shek, animal husbandry), according to Huawei said so far the company has deployed around the world more than nine LTE commercial networks and 60 LTE laboratory, field trial network. The figure is refreshed after Huawei announced by the end of 2009, 42 LTE network. In addition, Huawei has contributed to 3GPP standards bodies such as over 3300 LTE / SAE standards for the proposal xps m1730 Battery.

With almost all of Europe's leading operators in the Asia-Pacific strategic cooperation LTE

According to Huawei, relevant sources, it is currently working with Huawei in the area of strategic cooperation between LTE world's leading operators in a large number, including China Mobile, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom T-Mobile, Telefonica (Telefonica), Telecom Italia, TIM, xps m1530 Battery, TeliaSonera, Telenor and so on, " Almost all of Europe's leading operators in Asia-Pacific region, both in and Huawei, LTE close cooperation. "

In addition, Huawei also last year in the United States and Japan have been established LTE Laboratory, obviously very value of the LTE in North America and Japan market opportunities.

According to the information already in the public, Huawei received LTE commercial contracts include Teliasonera Norway, MTS Uzbekistan, Telenor of Norway, Net4 mobility Sweden, Belgium, Belgacom, as well as China Mobile TD-LTE World Expo projects xps m1330 Battery.

An active part in LTE evolution: MWC2010 demo 600Mbps downlink speed

To catch up with the times as the 2G and 3G era of participants who, Huawei 3.9G and even in the 4G era is full of desire to become a leader, and has invested considerable resources.

Huawei's Wireless Product Line Wan Biao, who earlier this year to accept connections, introduced C114, Huawei has a philosophy of "to do now with the future technology products", that is to anticipate customer needs to provide certain forward-looking solutions and technologies Dell inspiron e1505 Battery .

In this year's Barcelona World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC2010), Huawei to use its latest LTE-Advanced systems, 40Mhz to display up to 600Mbps data transmission downlink speed. This record rate of more than the current commercial 3G network, 20 times, is expected to completely change the user experience to meet the high demand for bandwidth data applications, such as "to download a 4GB DVD-movie only need less than 1 minute."

LTE-Advanced is the next stage of the evolution of LTE technology, recently developed by the 3GPP standards VGP-BPS13 battery. LTE-Advanced will include the functions and global roaming, service compatibility with other wireless access systems interoperability and enhanced peak data transfer rate and other major features to support more advanced services and applications.

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