Sony, Intel andGoogle co-develop next-generation TV

March 18 message, "New York Times" (New YorkTimes) reported today that Internet giant Google (Google) has been and Intel (Intel) and Sony VGP-BPS8 (Sony) hand in hand, ready to develop GoogleTV platform for the network into the next generation of television and Digital set-top box system.

Reported that Google has developed a prototype set-top boxes, but the networking features such integration technology can also be directly built into the TV or Blu-ray players and other devices. The television technology, built on Google's Android open mobile operating system platform to Intel's Atom chips VGP-BPS9.

Google TV software will provide users with new television interface, so that they can use Web search can also watch YouTube, Laptop battery and other videos.

Games and social networking sites can also operate on this system.

The scheme has been carried out for several months, but the company does not comment one is willing to come forward.

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