Apple shares 90% of the high-end PC market

IT news:

Windows 7 market has not slowed down but the release of Apple's Mac sales is growing, especially in the high-end market. According to NPD statistics, the fourth quarter of 2009, the U.S. retail personal computer market, Apple 500-1000 U.S. dollars in the mid-market share of 5 percent from a year earlier, doubled to reach 10%. More terror is more than 1000 U.S. dollars market, Apple's share from a year earlier, 79% to 90%. In other words, the U.S. market to sell 10 units of 1000 U.S. dollars for every high-priced computer, there are nine sets from Apple M6138 battery.

NPD statistics said low-priced products because of the Internet and the popularity of the fourth quarter, Windows PC, the average selling price of 475 U.S. dollars, compared with 2008 fourth quarter of 589 U.S. dollars lower a lot. Because Windows PC average selling prices have been less than 500 dollars, 999 U.S. dollars and the Apple MacBook, and 599 Apple M4685 battery is also optimistic about sales, which led to Apple 500-1000 U.S. dollars to double the share price segment.

And because Apple M6385 battery's last quarter to reduce the prices of some of its flagship product, leading to Mac average selling price down to 1499 U.S. dollars from 1366 U.S. dollars. However, it is also cut prices to enable them to 1000 U.S. dollars more than market share increase to 90%.

In July last year, NPD has released the report said according to sales terms, Apple in 1000 U.S. dollars more than the PC market share reached 91%. This time the statistics were calculated based on units sold, Apple really got the U.S. share 90% of high-end market.

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