Google proposed pilot network and speeds up to 1Gbps

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, Google announced that the company in the United States intends to pilot the establishment of super-fast broadband network to 50 million families that provide network connectivity to ensure that broadband networks, which can meet the needs of video and other applications.

Google said the project will be to external developers to provide a platform for their development and testing of the current network bandwidth requirements exceed the level of applications. Google said its experimental broadband fiber optic network will be 500,000 U.S. households rate of 1Gbps network connection, a broadband network than the current 50 to 300 times faster. Current U.S. broadband connection speed of 3Mbps to 20Mbps.

Google is expected, through its broadband network, users download a full-length, high-definition movie takes less than 5 minutes; rural clinics can be transmitted over the network 3D medical image; the Global students can collaborate with each other, through the broadband network of "live" mode watch other universities the teacher lectures, 3D video. Google's communications and media consultant Richard Witt (Richard Whitt) said, "Our goal is to test new technologies and exploration can take advantage of super-fast Internet applications, the current network may hinder the development of next-generation applications." Wei special said, Google has no intention of competing with the telephone and cable companies, but to contribute to birth an advanced broadband network broadband applications and network technology, to explore lower cost to more U.S. households popular means of fiber optic connections.

U.S. Federal Communications Commission (hereinafter referred to as "FCC") Chairman Julius Sige Na Krakowski (Julius Genachowski) broadband network project of Google expressed appreciation, saying that "higher bandwidth will lead to more opportunity." FCC documents released to explain to all U.S. households provide high-speed broadband network issues next month.

Google said there was still difficult to estimate the construction costs of its broadband network, but will not apply for assistance to the state capital. Google plans to have competitive prices direct to the consumer sales network connection, but will consider allowing Internet service providers or local governments through its network to sell their services.

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