VMware CEO: Mobile Virtualization is the future focus


If all other technologies, virtualization is also being more and more precise breakdown, today filed virtualization is no longer a simple server virtualization, desktop virtualization, network virtualization, and even virtualization, such as mobile phones are also Fast approaching our lives. VMware Inc. CEO Paul Maritz, president and chief's visit to China in the receiving IT media Toshiba Satellite A205 battery, said that "Mobile will be a cloud virtualization a key market because it is a very important platform for the delivery market in the future, most of us will have at least two devices, one is the small size portable screen device, another one is the large size of the screen, which can be very easy to read the documents of the device, these two platforms are used to the user in different ways, I think we do not want information only confined to the use of a device, which is why the virtual help to the user Toshiba Satellite A300 Series battery. "

"In my case, my private life, personal life, there is a role, my second role is in my career, the role of a set of different ones like SMS, phone book, contact list. Today, the two role in the mix on your cell phone, with virtualization, we can work in private sector's role and the role of separation is actually two, but is actually a mobile phone. " To mention the mobile virtualization, Maritz confidence, he said that VMware currently has a dedicated research team is doing this, and have positive progress.

VMware Prior to joining, Maritz was a cloud computing start-up Pi founder and CEO. In the EMC Corporation Toshiba Satellite A200 battery in February 2008 acquisition of Pi Corporation, he subsequently became EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services president. Prior to the creation of Pi, he had worked at Microsoft for 14 years, as the five members of the Executive Committee is responsible for the overall management of the company.

During his tenure at Microsoft as a platform strategy and developer group vice president, Paul Maritz is responsible for management system software products (including Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 2000), development tools (Visual Studio), database products (SQL Server) as well as the Office Exchange entire product line, and the R & D and marketing Toshiba Satellite A210 battery. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was 5 years at Intel Corporation, focused on software and tool development.

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