iPhone 4 in Switzerland insufficient supply can only meet 10% demand

August 9, according to foreign media reports, the Swiss telecommunications operator Swisscom CEO Carsten Schloter in a newspaper interview published Sunday, the article said, since Apple's iPhone 4 difficult in the global smartphone market, the company has only to meet 10% of the demand on the iPhone 4.

Apple's July 30 sale of the iPhone 4 extended to 17 countries on three continents and regions, including Switzerland. However, many Swiss users to buy a buy iPhone 4, so that those waiting in line outside the store several hours of consumers are very disappointed.

Start selling iPhone 4 in the first day, Swisscom shops opened in a few hours for the sale of finished all of the iPhone 4 phones. Since 90% of the user requirements are not met, Schloter warned that Apple should not lose contact with their users, these users should be allowed to be booked in advance iPhone 4.

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