Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Officer 10 candidates conjecture

Mark - following the resignation of Hurd, HP's biggest question is who will be selected as the Mark - Hurd's successor. Currently, HP has been in a conference call Friday afternoon that the candidate may come from within the company, it may come from outside the company. According to informed sources, the following 10 reasons people might consider HP's new CEO candidates.

1, Todd - Bradley (Todd Bradley)

Bradley currently Hewlett-Packard personal computer (PC) business unit's executive vice president. HP's PC business is the core business and soul. In Bradley's leadership, HP has surpassed Dell and IBM, the world's largest maker of personal computers. This typical low-margin PC business success primarily depends on such factors as the corresponding cost reduction, while Bradley has taken an iron hand, measures to achieve this goal. Bradley was a Palm (which HP acquired this year's) former chief executive, has served as General Electric Capital (GE Capital) and Gateway computer company's top management positions.

2, Ann - Livermore (Ann Livermore)

Livermore is a work in HP employees over 20 years old, currently responsible for HP's enterprise business, including HP's own fastest growing, highest interest rate products, such as technical services, and including EDS including enterprise storage and services. But one thing negative factor is that Livermore at HP in 2005 when he lost to choose new chief executive to resign just now Mark - Hurd.

3, John - Joyce (John Joyce)

Joyce previously served as U.S. private investment firm managing director of Silver Lake Group, the investment company investing in technology industries. Joyce is currently the director of HP, after working in IBM.

4, Kaxi - Laisiguke (Cathie Lesjak)

Hewlett-Packard as interim chief executive Les Jiake Gang, now that it has made it clear that companies do not intend to appoint a permanent CEO. Laisijiake has worked at HP for 24 years, HP has been working in the financial sector to help companies manage accounting.

5, Bob - Wayman (Bob Wayman)

Wayman was HP's former chief financial officer, retired in 2006. Wayman is also a HP senior veterans, joined HP in 1969. Hewlett-Packard CEO Fiorina to resign in 2005 after Wayman served as interim CEO of HP, until Mark - Hart office.

The following are the CEO of Hewlett-Packard external possible candidates, are a prominent figure in the technology sector.

6, Ned - Hopple (Ned Hooper)

霍普尔思科 currently chief strategy officer and head of mergers and acquisitions, the future may also replace current CEO John Chambers posts. Cisco has been in cultivation Hopple joined Cisco in order to make the top end, but as one of Cisco's biggest rival Hewlett-Packard chief executive office, on the Hopple, the will be unable to resist the temptation of a full opportunity.

7, Stephen - Ai Luopu (Stephen Elop)

Ai Luopu is currently president of Microsoft Business Division, responsible for Microsoft's Office related businesses. Yiluo Pu was the world's second largest network equipment company Juniper Networks former chief operating officer. Yiluo Pu is a very serious managers, has been in the technology industry for many years and has worked in Adobe Systems Inc. and Macromedia, such as senior executives.

8, Ray - Blue (Ray Lane)

Ray - has served as the former chief executive of Oracle, because Oracle in 2000 and founder Larry - Ellison does not and left the company. Ray - Portland currently employed VCs Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

9, Greg - Brown (Greg Brown)

Greg - one of Brown's co-CEO of Motorola, was once considered a long-term suffering to help bail out the plight of one of the people of Motorola.

10, Kevin - Johnson, month (Kevin Johnson)

Johnson previously served as Microsoft Network and Windows business unit head, also participated in the 2008 acquisition of Yahoo, Microsoft failed to defeat the matter, but also one of the important figures. After the failure of this deal, and Johnson then left the company to join Juniper, and became the company's chief executive.