iPod Nano takes place "fire" in Japan, China has not appeared the analogue yet

METI announced last week they demanded Apple branch office in Japan to give explanation before August 4 about part of the models of Apple's iPod Nano music player become superheat during charging.
Japanese Economy and Industry Ministry spokesman said Apple iPod Nano products launched in 2005 has led to 27 fire incidents, 6 of which required firefighters to put out.

“Four people got injury as a result of they touched the overheating iPod Nano equipment." The speaker introduced. Japanese Economy and Industry said Apple branch office in Japan had to provide detailed reasons for body overheating before August 4, and write the number and reason of foreign similar incidents into the report, and illustrate how to take measures to prevent similar situations from occurring at home and abroad. "Japan Xinhua Chinese Press" reports that it is the most severe warning taken by the Japanese government to U.S. companies in recent years, if Apple did not hand in report in accordance with the requirements of the Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry, its products may suffer from force-out of the Government of Japan.

The principle of Asia Pacific of Apple, Ms. Huang said to reporter at morning: "We would taken the Japanese Ministry of Economy for the iPod Nano's letter seriously, and are working closely with them to respond to this concern." But for whether China's iPod Nano existed similar problems and Apple would recall related model, Ms. Huang did not respond to it.Jassen digital shop owners in Beijing which operates Apple products told reporters that he had not yet heard the similar news in China.

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