Multiple vulnerabilities in Microsoft's IE browser may endanger other software

Internet news:

January 31 Deutsche Presse-Agentur quoted the German Federal Office for Information Security report, U.S. Microsoft's IE browser, there are several newly discovered security vulnerabilities, these vulnerabilities could endanger a user's PC in the safe use of other Microsoft software. Apple M4685

Federal Office for Information Security said in the report, staff found that IE security holes so that other Microsoft software, "vulnerable to hacker attack", the software, including Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Live Mail, Microsoft's help system, Microsoft's tool bar and so on. HP 5101 Battery

Report that these IE vulnerabilities now have been "hackers" who break other bad purposes.

With Microsoft Windows (Windows) operating system, Outlook e-mail management software as an example, information security, the Federal Office recommends users not to use IE browser to view e-mail, but log onto the Internet and directly send and receive e-mail with Outlook.

The use of e-mail sending and receiving software, the user should also open the "Security" tab, the IE browser's security zone selection into "restricted-point area." canon nb-2lh battery

The Federal Information Security Office also suggested that users not to open the IE window, under the "help" section, or any unknown items you must pay special attention to ". Chm" for the extension. Dell Studio 1436 battery

The report also said the installation of Windows 7, Vista and XP Windows operating system, users should avoid using the version of 6.0,7.0 and 8.0 of the IE browser, Microsoft has not released them at this stage the latest versions of the browser security hole patch .

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