Facebook is expected to surpass Ask as the fourth largest search engine


April 11 morning news, according to foreign media reports, analysts said, Facebook users who rely on a huge amount has surpassed AOL, and is expected within a few months than Ask.com, became the fourth largest search engine xps m1530 Battery.

Analyst Shilizijia Burns (Liz Gannes) search market share, and said Facebook has more than AOL, and encroaching Ask.com. ComScore in March according to his calculation of the U.S. search reports, Facebook a market share of 2.7%, 2.5% higher than AOL. Facebook came in before the difference is Ask.com (3.1%), Microsoft will be (7.8%), Yahoo (11.3%) and Google (59.7%).

Gahrns expected, after a few months, Facebook will exceed Ask.com, became the fourth largest search hp ProBook 4310s battery. In addition, Microsoft is now Facebook's largest shareholder, if Microsoft could buy Facebook, and to achieve and Yahoo alliance, will be the U.S. search market is expected gains of 35% to 40%, and Google in order to achieve the monopoly of the U.S. market.

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