Adobe is preparing prosecution on Apple

Apple news:

April 14 morning news today, according to foreign media reports, Apple and Adobe will continue to escalate the confrontation and some Informed sources said Adobe is preparing to sue Apple in the next few weeks.

Apple changed the iPhone (Mobile Internet) 4.0 SDK (Software Development Kit) license agreement explicitly prohibits which is recently released and use Flash developers to write applications and Microsoft Silverlight technology, a move eventually Adobe intolerable.
For the previous block Internet access to block Flash content as well as the use of Flash technology, Apple gives the same explanation: both are detrimental to the operation iPad and iPhone performance. However, Flash is often used in Apple products performed well. Moreover, if the developers prefer to Objective C language or manner other than development and application Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 battery, they will not force users to move the apple.

Adobe is eventually able to win based on Apple's territory where the land is hard to say. If Adobe really sues Apple, the prosecution will be content with the results of wide concern.

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