L.A. fans: braces for massive Michael Jackson memorial

LOS ANGELES, California –lots of music fans of superstar Michael Jackson had poured in to Los Angeles from places far away, many and many of Michael Jackson muisc fans hoping to collectively mourn their idol in a massive and elegant ceremony at the Staples Center downtown on Tuesday. They felt it undoubted the historical and unforgettable event in the entertainment in the beings.
The Police in LA put up concrete barriers around the center, only allowing fans with tickets to enter the star-studded event to enter –which begins at 6 a.m and ensuring that it was safe during the ceremony.
The Parking lots near the ceremony area grasped this chance to raise their prices, whose price has been unbelievably raised as high as $30. What is more! several movie theaters in the area announced special screenings of the event, carried live by some television networks, radio, Web sites and so on.
Not only in the LA, the fans of Michael Jackson all over the world have focused their most energy on these ceremony through the internet, television, Radio, alive chatting tools, and so on.
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