Facebook’s plan in 2010

Internet news:

Social-networking site: Facebook will continue to be an incredible pace. In 2009, Facebook reached 350 million users, and each day it increase 66 million new users , which will continue. If Facebook users to maintain such a growth rate in July 2010, the number of its users will reach 500 million.

Facebook founder from a university student became a billionaire, but this is only the surface of the wealth. Facebook executives say the company will be starting this year to achieve a profit through advertising sales, Facebook also plans to achieve the company's value through the listing.

Despite the development of Facebook looks smooth and continuously break the Internet record, but it also faces some problems. Became a source of innovation and application platform has become the burden of some users. Facebook need to find a quick solution to cope with Facebook spam. Because in such an open Facebook platform, anyone can contact with other users, issue the invitation to participate in some activities.

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