50 years border talks between India and China

In the past 50 years, India has been sending more troops to southern Tibet, nearly one-third of the national military force are located in the possession of the South Tibet, Up to 100,000 soldiers keep their eyes open at the northern China.
An Indian Air Force An-32C military transport planes were flying across the Himalayas Mountain into the sky. A few minutes later, the plane lost contact with the base, which was confirmed in the Snow Valley crash, dozens of crew were all killed.
This in the accident occurred two months ago that in the South India region and military troops tend to take frequent exercise. Some military observers believe that the Indian military action in August for the arrival of the Sino-Indian boundary issue a bargaining chip increases the "strategic action." The new submarine will be launched tactical missiles to be assembled to "targeting China."
The border issue has been a century problem between China and India. Will it be settle down in the coming meeting?
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