Huawei's first Android ™ Mobile landed in Hong Kong

Huawei News:

Huawei Android ™ smart phones through Hong Kong's leading mobile communications operator PCCW, the first landed in Hong Kong. This very popular product in Europe welcomed the success of the relatively stringent requirements to enter the smart phone market in Hong Kong is bound to produce the pattern of the smart phone market in Hong Kong is not a small impact, leading a new consumer trends.

At the same time, Huawei Android ™ Mobile Platform for Hong Kong consumers more sophisticated mobile Internet experience. Huawei Android ™ smart phone's built a whole range of Google services, such as Google ™ search, Google Map ™ mapping service, Google Mail ™ web mail service, YouTube and so on, but also a built-Android Market application store, through which thousands of applications, users will be able to get a more user-friendly experience for mobile terminals. In addition, PCCW mobile has been downloaded in advance in the variety of PCCW mobile handset exclusive Android ™ applications, including news always on, HD on mobile TV Player, NETSync on mobile, MOOV Player.

As a leader in next-generation communications network technology vendors, Huawei's number of over one billion users worldwide, which is committed to providing innovative and tailored products, services and solutions, thereby creating long-term customer value and growth potential. In the terminal area, Huawei's terminal products cover mobile broadband, mobile phones, converged devices, and video terminals four groups. The release of the Android ™ smart phones, once again demonstrates Huawei's terminal on the market of professional standards. Huawei Android ™ smartphone body avant-garde design and good quality, Huawei's R & D team is the crystallization of continuous innovation.

Huawei's representative office in Hong Kong on behalf of Mr. Sun Aidong said: "We and PCCW has a good relationship for many years, in the last year, Huawei once with PCCW to launch a wide-E5 and other mobile broadband terminal products. This once again with PCCW cooperation in the Hong Kong launch Android ™ smart phones, also marks Huawei's products in the Hong Kong market has taken an important step. "

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