Windows Mobile developers protest against Microsoft

IT news:

It is learned that some stores sold in the Windows Mobile application developers have not received Microsoft's deal with pay. Some developers said that the company owed most of their pay, but this situation since last October that the store has been in existence since the launch.

Microsoft's own forums have issued an official statement. Product manager for Windows Mobile store Mihir Rao, said the developer paid the minimum payment amount of 200 U.S. dollars. "Yet to reach a minimum but not issued to pay the reward, are the developer's account, that would be to pay."

In the Dashboard payment system in the state of the instructions may be prepared by developers dissatisfied with reason. Account of the three kinds of state "not eligible for reward" "waiting to be eligible for reward" "are eligible for compensation," people feel very confused. If the account the current state is "not eligible for reward", developers first need to contact Microsoft to resolve payment issues. However, a few months later after payment of problem-solving they still have not received Microsoft's money. On the other hand, the original on display "are eligible for compensation," the state of the people do not get paid.

Rao also added: "It looks like I have to pay the state's explanation does not dispel the doubts. I will study the details of the payment system to do more clarification on this before."

With Windows 7 to market, developers are closely watching the matter. If the payment system is not improved, many people may be abandoning the Windows Mobile.

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