Apple's Application Store reproduce the price of nearly a thousand U.S. dollars for iPhone

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According to foreign media reports, the leading technology blog Techcrunch said that Apple's App Store application store has a price of nearly 1000 U.S. dollars application BarMax, but it can save users thousands of dollars in spending, so value for money.

In August 2008, Apple approved by a named "I Am Rich" application into the apple A1175 battery. This application is simply to display a ruby picture, but the price is as high as 999.99 U.S. dollars. Although at the time Apple quickly removed this application, but it allows the user started to worry App Store will not happen again the high price of these virtual virtual applications. Fortunately, this kind of thing does not happen again, App Store application remain low prices.

But now, we again see that a price of 999.99 U.S. dollars up to the application: BarMax. I Am Rich application with the only difference is that, BarMax application does have some useful features. BarMax can help law students prepare Bar exam. Of nearly 1000 U.S. dollars the price is still relatively reasonable, because the companies provide the same test counseling BarBri is basically up to 3000-4000 U.S. dollars fee. BarMax just an application, without classroom instruction, therefore lower prices. BarBri also provides a free iPhone application, but users need to register to use, otherwise this application useless. Thus, BarBri high prices and possible anti-competitive behavior to bring the company more than class action lawsuits.

BarMax can provide users with great help. The application of storage space occupied by more than 1GB, accounted for the largest application of one of the storage space. BarMax including thousands of pages of material, as well as counseling hundreds of hours of audio lectures. This is equivalent to two months, all the course content. In addition, these learning can all be completed through the apple A1185 battery. In other words, if you need more content of counseling, BarMax can provide electronic versions.

Bar exam mainly consists of three parts: multiple choice, essay writing and proficiency test. In addition, candidates also need to adopt a code of ethics test. At present, BarMax only area of California Bar exam material. However, BarMax application developers said the end of this year will be provided, as well as five other states, New York Bar examination content. BarMax the price of each application are 999.99 U.S. dollars, but the application developers also plan to provide cover only part of the application of a number of options priced at 500 U.S. dollars.

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