iPhone 4.0 or will be released at the end of this month

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Perhaps the reason is due to unmatched popularity, the fourth generation of Apple's iPhone is becoming the object of many of the media speculation. Include a variety of feature upgrades and new machines of the Pu material release date of Fall many rumors, the reports is at great length that a new generation of iPhone is not yet published is already seems to have become a focus of attention. Recently, following last week's new iPhone will be exposed touch with the news of the shell, another foreign media reports, have "software developers," said they have updated their applications to the new OS version.

Although the so-called software developers have already submitted the iPhone 4.0 version of the software updates, but other details about the version information is not disclosed any details, just only as an evidence to prove the version of the existence and are gradually being improved or is about to be released. However, some people speculated the reason why Apple has not released iPhone 4.0 version, because the new system could involve the upcoming release of Tablet PC's technical information. And even before the media reported that the 27th of this month Apple's upcoming conference on the Tablet PC may be involved in some of the content to the latest version of the iPhone 4.0. However, in accordance with past practice, Apple officially released annually in 6,7 month before the new OS, are about three months in advance (usually in March) to the developers to provide new OS software tools. Now the new OS, developers began to update the software at this early stage, it seems to some extent, confirms the rumors in the past will be January 27 news release iPhone OS 4.0 authenticity.

Of course, if you think iPhone 4.0 version released this month, there is some uncertainty Kaopu, then Apple's latest patent application for the iPhone the new changes brought about may be more worth a look. A picture from this patent application the information provided by point of view, Apple is likely to launch a iPhone allows the user to set individual icons on the main screen features, this icon can be used to call contacts and other specific applications. And that the icon can also be used to invoke one or more personalized applications, while the icon can also be modified to display the relevant contact information. In other words, the user adding picture for the contact, it can be sent directly to the head icon on the desktop, enabling users to search without having to open Address Book can be found on the desktop shortcut to set the contact entry, direct dial telephone or visit the contact other relevant information to a more simple and quick way to carry out other related operations. Since the latest Apple patent application, so it was felt that the feature will appear in the iPhone 4.0 version of the being. At the same time from the time of speaking, but also with the iPhone 4.0 may introduce some of the time is relatively consistent.

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