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January 17 news, leading U.S. IT magazine "eWeek" online edition said on Friday that the author, even though Apple's iPhone, has been sought after the world's consumers, but not all users have access to IT products approval. To this end "eWeek" named its major U.S. technology, companies should carry out a major upgrade of the 10 products, including Microsoft's IE browser, Yahoo, BlackBerry mobile phone operating system and Microsoft Office productivity suite.

"EWeek" said the 10 products involved in hardware, software and Internet services business. While these products and services and will not necessarily disappear immediately, but if firms do not pay attention to the corresponding further increase product performance, these products and services to consumers in the future will gradually be ruthlessly discarded.

The following "eWeek" by Ping Chu should be a major upgrade of the 10 IT products and services:

Microsoft's IE browser

Microsoft's IE browser was released many years ago and is still the world's browser market dominance. However, over the past few years, with Firefox (Firefox), Google Chrome browser, such as the rise, IE market share trend is downward. If Microsoft wants to continue to maintain its leading position in the browser market, it must be a major upgrade to the IE properties. In the near future, Microsoft's IE should solve two major problems: First, to support more plug-ins, and second, to raise the overall speed.

Yahoo main station (Yahoo.com) Carol Bartz as Yahoo's CEO early last year, when she inherited a mess. Since then, Yahoo's various businesses to adjust Butts has done a lot of work. Nevertheless, the main station Yahoo.com. Yahoo still faces many challenges. For now, Yahoo's main station is still very messy look. Google Search homepage is very simple, Yahoo, Google should learn from.

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