More than 3,000 students in United Kingdom protest against the unfair exam in FaceBook

Recently, thousands of the British A-level (Advanced level examination) of high school students in the social networking site Facebook a petition drive to protest exam is unfair.

Papers and the questions and not the same as learning

To participate in Biology A-level exams student protests, said the questions on the papers and their study is different.

Facebook online one student wrote, "I spent six months hard preparing for some exam papers on the results of Question 8 is only one related to the content with my learning."

Proposition Commission denied there are any errors out of the subject, but for the students expressed their understanding of protest and sympathy.

The Committee to students undertaking Marking staff to reflect the views of pupils will be taken into account, as a correcting papers and grading reference.

More than 3,000 students in a joint protest against the

More than 3,000 signatures protesting students in Facebook group page to post an angry message to express their dissatisfaction with the examination volume.

Student protesters worried that unfair exam will affect their performance, jeopardize their chances of success for the University.

Students said that they get when the papers, but also thought it was another subject of the examination papers.

A student at the Facebook page reads, "We are hard lessons, review, the time spent in vain, and this can not erupted in the university."

However, there is a group of students protesting in a signature page paper on the subject, said there is no problem, also called student protesters, "Do not grumble, it was too late."

AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) Examination Committee, a spokesman for the proposition that in the past had never seen such a test launch of an online protest.

He said that the Examination Board has fully understand that some candidates failed to fully reflect their concerns about examination of the subjects to master the understanding and ability.

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