Crazy! Toad swallowed the whole of snake

At 4:00 p.m. on June 3, 2009, in Chongqing people traveling in Qingcheng Mountain took the rare scene that toad (commonly known as "silly toad") swallowed a snake; the whole process only took five minutes. At that time, when Mr. Ran was walking to a bush and suddenly saw an orange-red, black stripe toad that is as big as a fist swallowing a small snake of the same stripe.
The second half body of small snake was swallowed into a toad, but it still kept on struggling to the toad, keep twisting the body.
Five minutes later, a small snake was completely swallowed into the stomach of the toad. According to the locals, the small snake is commonly named as rotten grass snakes. But it is rare to see toad swallow a snake.

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