HP Mini 1000 Extended Laptop Battery Replacement

HP's second-generation foray into the mini-laptop space, also known as netbooks--the HP Mini 1000--has a couple of advantages over its predecessor (the HP 2133, which we reviewed back in early April). Gone is the Via C-7M processor; gone, too, is the pipe dream that any current netbook could handle Windows Vista (the Mini 1000 runs Windows XP). The Mini 1000 that we received for testing packs Intel's 1.6-GHz Atom processor; 1GB of RAM; a 4200-rpm, 60GB PATA hard disk; and Windows XP. Translation: It falls in place with the rest of the current mini-notebook pack.

But its standard 3-cell battery is absolutely not enough for a lot of people both in the work and in the life. For this sense , any possibility to enlarge the capacity of the laptop battery?

The HP Mini 1000 extended battery (2350 mAh & 11.1 V) on sales for $68.21 after a $45 discount. the Mini 1000 is so fashionable for youngling (is my favorite notebook), We supply the HP Mini 1000 extended battery doubles the time so that you can work on the Mini 1000 on a single charge.

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