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Tang Dynasty History
Chinese culture was unparalleled in the Middle Ages!
The Tang was established in 618 by a military family based in northwest China. This military family took advantage of a time of chaos in the wake of the Sui’s failed military campaigns in Korea to seize power.
The height of Tang power was the mid-8th century AD. However, in 755 AD a Tang military commander named An Lushan led a rebellion against the Tang Dynasty. Although the rebellion was finally crushed in 763 AD, it caused huge losses for China. Lives, money and huge areas of territory in Central Asia were lost.
In time, the military commanders with more authority than the central government arose in Tang territories. These commanders, as well as a number of natural disasters including drought and famine, weakened the empire in the latter half of the 9th century AD. In 907 AD a military governor deposed, and later murdered, the last Tang emperor.
Tang Dynasty Culture
The Tang Dynasty was an era of unprecedented progress in art and technology. Poetry and literary skills became required for imperial officials. Many of China’s most famous poets lived during the Tang Dynasty.
Various technologies were developed and improved during the Tang Dynasty as well. The development of woodblock printing increased the availability of written works and allowed literacy to spread to the lower classes. Medicine, architecture, mapmaking and more all saw progress during this period.
In the Tang Dynasty, areas where ceramics were manufactured expanded and the quality of the products was improved considerably. The polychrome-glazed pottery in the Tang Dynasty which reached an unprecedented degree of sophistication represented a dramatic advance in porcelain production. The Yue Kiln celadon of the south and the Xing Kiln white porcelain of the north were the highest achievements of the two regions. Meanwhile the active experimentation in techniques during the Five Dynasties laid grounds for the rapid development of porcelain manufacturing in the Song Dynasty.

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