President Obama Battles the Political Gauntlet of Health Care today

The Obama administration is discovering what the Clinton administration learned 16 years ago: the politics of health care reform are treacherous.
Just several months ago, President Obama appeared uniquely positioned to get Congress to pass comprehensive health care reform, something that has eluded every Democratic president since Harry Truman.
On March 5th, the president Obama convened a health care "summit" at the White House which brought together Democrats, Republicans, unions, businesses and health industry leaders as well. One by one, the key players -- many of whom had opposed reform efforts in the past -- assembled in the East Room of the White House, vowing to work together.
The optimistic note was echoed by top business and health industry leaders, including Karen Ignagni, president of America's Health Insurance Plans (as HIP), who created the famous "Harry and Louise" ads that helped kill President Clinton's health care bill in 1993.
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