How to choose laptop battery

From the research we can find out that our laptop battery also has its deadline for 1-2 year. After using it over the original battery or battery replacement for 1-2 years, it will drop to about 50-60 percents of its capacity. Hence there will be a guarantee that within 1-2 years our laptop battery should NOT drop to 50% of the original battery. And in this sense how to enlarge the battery life? That will be a problem to be settled down.
As it is known to us some Laptops like Asus PC 701 , HP 540, HP Mini 1000, HP 2133, HP Pavilion DV4, ThinkPad X200 are rather good laptop both for works and business. And the bottom-line of these laptops will be the short capacity of the original battery and undoubtedly the capacity can NOT meet the requirements of most of the clients.
In this sense, we have to order another laptop battery or backup battery to fit the laptop, bringing more convenience both in our work and daily life. That would be rather necessary for our laptop!
There are a lot of laptop battery replacements in the shopping markets and how to choose a decent one?
1. Quality. Choose a good quality one with one year warranty. There will be no doubt that this could make you easier to order them.
2. Approval. Determine it clearly that whether it has pass the CE, UL, Rohs and other approval or not. This will be absolutely good certification for the quality guarantee.
3. Complaints. 30 days money back- this is will be a very important quality guaranty for our clients.
4. Shipping fee. Check it whether your shipping addresses is deliverable and acceptable or not. And also consider about the price and service. Generally speaking, the shipping fee would be considered as convenience in shopping there.
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Take good care of you laptop battery.
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