Google, Intel and Sony jointly developed set-top boxes and televisions


March 18, according to foreign media reports, "The New York Times" news, Google, Intel and Sony VGP-BPS9 are jointly developing a product called "Google TV", run the Google Android software for set-top boxes. They also jointly develop three technology television set. Google offers software, Intel offers Atom chip, VGP-BPS8 is responsible for designing the hardware.

Google declined to "rumor and speculation" comment.

Over the years, to enter the television industry has been the PC and the Internet company's "dream", but the success stories are not many. Over the past 10 years, Intel has been trying to make their own chips landing TV, but almost did not yield any results; Yahoo's development of Internet TV technology has not achieved a major breakthrough; Google on the television industry's concern limited to advertising.

Google partners are already in production use Android software, set-top boxes, Google and Intel, Sony VGP-BPS8 battery co-operation wider. It is reported that the joint development of products will use the Chrome software, Google is responsible for designing the user interface. In addition to watching TV programs, the joint development of products that can access Internet content.

Google, Intel and Sony VGP-BPS9 battery is not the project timetable.

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