Android and Apple would be Microsoft's rival in the PC and mobile phone

on July 5, according to foreign media reports, PC and smart phone manufacturers and consumers will naturally be concerned about the common and widely supported operating system. In the PC laptop battery industry, Microsoft and Apple have obvious advantages in the field of smart phones and Panasonic VW-VBG6 battery, Google's Android and Apple's iPhone OS prevailed.

The failure of Kin only phone company one of the many challenges faced, the greater problem is Microsoft's rival in the smart phone has become a rival in the PC. Microsoft is worried about Android and Apple's software will eventually become more intelligent device's operating system, and these new smart devices are beginning to affect the traditional PC sales. Apple has started most of their energy into the iPhone and iPad.

But Microsoft is not the enemy of Apple, but Google and Android, as well as those using Android mobile phone system manufacturers. For example, Motorola Droid X does not produce sufficient evidence of a high-end system to run Android Panasonic VW-VBG6 battery.

This does not mean the demise of Microsoft, after all, laptop battery and servers exist for a long time, but this definitely means that the future of personal computing, Microsoft is not dominating the world.

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