Spain won the World Cup in South Africa

(South Africa local time 20:30), 19th World Cup finals in South Africa Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg. Spain Iniesta rely on 116-minute winning goal 1-0 10 Netherlands became the first eight won the World Cup team, is also first team lost the first battle in the final cup the ball under team, Spain has joined the Brazilian team in the home after the first two World Cup winning team outside the mainland, has become West Germany after 1974, following two to the current European Champions Cup final win as the team played . Dutch World Cup team's first defeat in the history of all three into the finals three times runner-up. 116 minutes, then Fabregas Iniesta volley ball into the winning goal.

The campaign, both sides are the strongest line-up fight. Netherlands, the De Jong and Van Der Veer to return to the starting suspension expired, so the first time in the history of the World Cup final starting team players wearing numbers 1 to 11 consecutive appearances. Maintain the semi-final when the Spanish team returned with exactly the same starting lineup, which means that Torres was still sitting on the bench opening. 15 minutes before the final, the last Italian World Cup winning captain Cannavaro dressed in suits holding the trophy admission and show the fans into the stadium within the site some. Before the game, South African President Jacob Zuma and FIFA President Sepp Blatter to the floor to shake hands with both players. Dutch Prime Minister , Dutch Crown Prince Willem - Alexander and Princess Maxima, and the King of Spain Juan - Carlos and Queen Sofia are to personally help out spectators.

2 At this stage of World Cup qualifying victory record to qualify for the team, eventually joined forces finals. This game is 10 times the Netherlands and Spain clash is the first two dialogues in the World Cup after the two sides level 4 wins 4 losses 1 tie game. Address the state also comparable, Howe won 10 straight international tournaments A Dutch team has maintained the unbeaten record of 25 games; and record the history of this team in the finals of the Spanish team won five straight games last 54 Competition is also only 2 negative it is worth mentioning that Spain is the first four to reach the final of active European champion, is also the first battle but lost the first four teams qualify for the finals success.
Although this is the 8th World Cup finals staged "European civil war", it is the first final not see Brazil, Argentina, Italy or Germany, a team semi-finals of any figure, which also was the first 6th win in the two previous experience without place between the team's title race. Howard Webb became the first England World Cup final four law enforcement membership referee, is the first major blow in the same year, both the Champions League final, another World Cup final referee, "black judge", 38-year-old Webber whistled for 72 years has become a champion, the World Cup tournament's youngest referee.