Jobs Sickness does not suppress Apple's stock price

Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) sick leave, after news that the company's share price tumbled on Wednesday. U.S. investment research firm Zacks Investment Research, Executive Vice President Manchester (Steve Reitmeister) analysis of articles published on this optimistic Apple stock, and do not need to worry about Apple pointed out the top five reasons.

1) Investors still worry about the health of Steve Jobs: Apple's Steve Jobs is the soul, but also the company's history, one of the most outstanding CEO. However, according to Steve Jobs after Apple's stock price when sickness outstanding performance, investors have no reason to fear this time in the current. Apple's Steve Jobs are concerned about each investor may occur in the near future eventualities. Despite this, I still think there is no Steve Jobs, Apple's stock is worth the 500 dollars. Therefore, logically speaking, investors do not need to worry about Apple's stock price fell.

2) The concept of the market system: the overall market fell on the occasion, even if the fundamentals of good stock will usually under pressure. On large-cap stocks such as Apple is concerned, is more susceptible to the impact of the overall market trend.

3) the impact of successive encounters: Apple in the past two quarters has been plagued by a variety of earnings expectations, stock prices have made first down reaction. I guess this is true, Apple hit by shocks. But remember, after the invasion of these bad news in the weeks and months, Apple stock is rising continuously. This situation would not be any different.

4) The rumor appears to buy, sell, after rumors confirmed: There are some investors only in the earnings release season, trading the stock market. Not long ago, some investors bought in the $ 320 price of Apple stock like Apple A1185 battery and Apple A1281 battery, Apple's recent stock price has exceeded $ 340, which of course, some investors are willing to profit taking. However, most investors will not conduct such operations, it should be a weak trend in stock prices rationally.

5) Why Apple shares worth $ 500: Recently I read a lot of new analysis reports that Apple is touting unexpected earnings, resulting in the market have raised the expected performance of the company and the stock target price raised . Currently, the market seems to Apple A1281 battery and Apple A1280 battery's earnings per share increased from $ 19.91 to about 23 U.S. dollars. However, as far as we know, Apple seems to reach such a high growth. However, I think earnings per share of $ 20 seems quite reasonable, which means Apple's share price rose to $ 460 can. Apple's current earnings per share up to 64 dollars, so the fair price of $ 524. The resulting view, earnings per share of $ 23 seems a bit exaggerated.

All of the above, Apple shares fell on Wednesday, perhaps just an episode, Apple stock fundamentals will show further increases.

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