Android is still the most talked about potentially very strong flat-panel

Tablet PC is concerned, although Apple is still a dominant, but Android is still full of stamina. iPad2 just a little bit better than the opponent can also be seen with Apple's competitors continued to narrow the gap between, Android3.1 high hopes for the release. However, XOOM gloomy end of Motorola's sad people are still endless. Fortunately, Motorola Good Dafanshenzhang, wonders whether in the mobile space again staged at the plate is also unknown. In addition, there are HP's WebOS voice high. As for the Blackberry, the recent performance of it is unsatisfactory, not yet ripe for the market, and then recalled its decision-making sector, market sector and the ability to hold an unlimited suspicion.

Closer to home, in short, all these Wuqibazao the East will no doubt COMPUTEX2011 played outside, and in this one, the following spectacle that deserves attention:

1, Android3.1 the introduction of flat-panel devices. Not surprisingly, will remain MOTOROLA, a pair of base Friends!

2, Tegra3 the introduction of chip equipment, Huang flat sales of Android very dissatisfied, very serious consequences!

3,2560 × 1600-resolution 10-inch screen, produced Samsung, Apple iPad3 obviously not pre-empt, and the Samsung to steal the thunder!

4, MeeGo plate, on which the new performance ATOM how. With Google in the flat panel and notebook entirely different strategies in different areas, intel seems to be more willing to wholesale their products to take-all! However, MeeGo the finished product to be launched end of the year, in COMPUTEX2011, we can see a semi-Bale.

5, the amount of the flat-panel system applications, and mobile Internet-related applications, degree of fit, the respective advantages of how the mobile Internet ecosystem.

6, HP WebOS flat, low-profile HP WebOS, very few reports about it, and only said before some of the UI.

7, made the amazing innovation cottage flat, you have to admire the amazing creative Walled plants!

8, Taiwan Girl Showgirl ... ... Well, maybe I should put this in the first row!

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