IPhone 4S life-size cuff in the field of Hong Kong's grey sell

Apple A1322's iPhone 4S was on trade on Hong Kong's grey sell by the weekend, attracting hundreds of fans paying up to six era administrator prices to pick up their hands on the most up-to-date typical.

The smartphone, released in the field of seven countries on Friday, was not yet officially in favor of trade in the field of the southern Chinese city but dealers had imported them, mostly from Australia and Japan, in favor of resale to area customers.

The phones are vending in favor of relating HK$10,000 and HK$12,000 ($1,300-$1,500) on the grey sell. Depending on their reminiscence ability they are priced relating $199 and $399 in the field of the United States with a two-year contract.

"I get sold not far off from 100 iPhone 4S since the recent past," dealer Ma Hui of Chu Lok Telecom in the field of the full of life shopping area of Mongkok whispered Sunday.

"Several customers bought 10 of them to resell to others," he told AFP, in the function of he brought the spanking phones into his store rather than opening in favor of production.

But Ma whispered the demand in favor of the 4S was with a reduction of than the frenzy so as to accompanied the launch of the iPhone 4.

The most up-to-date Apple A1322 item for consumption determination take place released in favor of trade in the field of any more 22 countries on October 28 but dealers in the field of Hong Kong, which has many enthusiastic Apple followers, simply expect it to take place launched nearby towards the come to an end of the time.

The Chinese-language Apple A1322 every day News reported Sunday so as to lone mainland Chinese customer had spent HK$861,000 in favor of 82 spanking phones.