Sony Vaio Duo 13 study: Sony upsizes the sliding PC with the Vaio Duo 13

Of all the in mint condition laptop designs so as to attempted to break into the mainstream with the launch of Windows 8 by the base of 2012, not a bit was bolder than the slider-style PC. This handful of brave systems attempted to conduit the gap involving laptop and tablet not by toting up a separable screen, but by engineering a slide-out the ivories so as to snapped into place by (best-case scenario) a flick of the finger.

The most important entries in vogue this group were the Sony Vaio Duo 11 and the Toshiba U925T. Both reminded us additional of old-fashioned slider phones than whatever thing glossy and novel, and neither was particularly constructively reviewed.

I hadn't projected to think it over a few in mint condition slider-style Windows 8 PCs, by smallest amount in favor of a while, but Sony has surprised me with an updated and prolonged version of the Duo. This in mint condition version bumps the screen size up to 13 inches from 11 inches, adds in mint condition CPUs from Intel's just-announced fourth-generation soul i-series, and is called the Vaio Duo 13.

While it's still not up for grabs to take place a mainstream device, the in mint condition Duo 13 takes a stab by rebooting the slider and correcting more or less of the things so as to were so exasperating just about the real McCoy Duo 11. As a rule importantly, the sliding instrument in favor of exposing the the ivories is much improved and truly opens and closes definitely with a single finger. It's a much smoother experience, where the Duo 11's turning point puzzled more or less persons.

This is plus a superior 13-inch screen in vogue a quite compact body. The Duo 11 felt like a chubby 11-inch ultraportable laptop/tablet, where the in mint condition 13-inch design is at the same time as tinny and light at the same time as a few ultrabook-style 13-inch PC (except in favor of Sony's in mint condition Vaio Pro 13, which is amazingly light).

Plus a bulky step to the fore is the join pad. The before Duo shape couldn't fit lone on, as a replacement for relying on a minor pointing stick (actually a tiny optical sensor) in vogue the hub of the the ivories. So as to chic of pointer control still has its fans, mostly in vogue the ThinkPad cooperative spirit, but it's not exactly mainstream-friendly. The join pad at this time is far from reach the summit of -- it's minor, like a very sharp rectangle, but it's far better than not having a join pad by all.

However, the single biggest poser with the Duo line remains, and that's the nonadjustable screen. It has two angles: Level, at the same time as in vogue tablet mode, and up, with the screen angled well elapsed 90 degrees. If you need to adjust the tilt, before simply rather a additional vertical put on view, you're given away of destiny.

Preparatory by $1,400 (and up for grabs all the way up to $2,700 if you get an A on given away the solid-state drive, CPU, and other options), the Duo 13 is on the expensive plane in favor of an experimental laptop-tablet hybrid. Acer's Aspire R7 plus show business with laptop and tablet design preconceptions, but in favor of simply $999.

In favor of a additional traditional PC experience, Sony's other in mint condition systems, the Vaio Pro 11 and Pro 13, are fantastic no-compromise gear. The Duo 13 is ambitious, if with a reduction of universally practical, but a definite step up done the 11-inch real McCoy.

By around 2.8 pounds it would tell somebody to a celebrated ultrabook, but by 0.77 move slowly thick, it's chubby in favor of a tablet, and a small piece arduous and unwieldy to hug in vogue lone hired hand. Like the real McCoy Duo 11, it's fingerprint-prone, and outside of a rotating screen, I'm not positively anybody has happen up with a way to efficiently have in stock a Windows 8 tablet exclusive of either a individually made casing before bag. (Special tablet-handling gloves? Might take place a benefit Kickstarter brainstorm.) A stylus clip hangs rancid of the birthright plane in favor of an incorporated functional stylus, but if you're not a stylus person (like me), the sum total gadget pops birthright rancid, giving you a sleeker silhouette.

To Sony's believe, the instrument in favor of opening the arrangement and exposing the the ivories and join pad is much improved in vogue the in mint condition Duo. Boost up with a single finger birthright behind the crux of the display's top verge, and the spring-loaded turning point goes into case, and two minor metal hooks grab the underside edges of the put on view and hug them in vogue place. Pushing it back down into tablet mode is a unimportant tougher to cart rancid quickly, but one time you outline given away the exact tilt and amount of pressure to get through, it's seamless.

By the same instant, it still feels too mechanically hang-up, and while I didn't get a few worry with it done the module of several days, I know from elapsed experience so as to the additional hang-up a instrument is, the additional things can perhaps enthusiasm sinful with it.

One time begin, the the ivories so as to you think it over has obese, flat-topped island-style keys, a chic Sony used in favor of many years previously it became the default industry standard. The the ivories design and size are celebrated in favor of a 13-incher, but the keys are extraordinarily shallow. The real McCoy had a parallel copy, but on the superior 13-inch size, it feels additional pronounced, and the shallow keys simply don't feel like they offer sufficient tactile pointer in favor of extended typing.

The join pad is a bulky step up done the real McCoy Duo, in vogue so as to it exists by all. But, it's an few and far between identity, basically a elongated, shallow rectangle. In favor of straightforward navigation it facility, but I found myself using the join screen additional than I normally prepare on a 13-inch touch-enabled ultrabook.

Unlike detachable-screen hybrids so as to force you to decide whether the ports spirit take place on the found before the screen, the Vaio Duo 13 has them all along the rear verge. Two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, and an SD certificate slot (that plus accepts reminiscence Stick cards -- this is a Sony, bearing in mind all) are fine in favor of a slim tablet-minded arrangement, and I appreciated the corporeal volume controls, placed on the underside panel, which is the back of the tablet as the arrangement is in vogue tablet mode.

With lone of Intel's in mint condition fourth-generation soul i5 CPUs, you're up for grabs to catch superb use performance from the Duo 13. In vogue our scale tests, the fourth-gen soul i5 gave rationally close performance to a low-voltage soul i7 from the before Intel generation. But frankly, in vogue either court case it's additional horsepower than mainstream consumers need, at the same time as systems such at the same time as this spirit pay out as a rule of their instant labyrinth surfing, on stage HD videotape, before engaging in vogue social tasks. The updated HD4400 integrated graphics can take place a small piece better than the HD4000 graphics pre-Haswell gear, but keep in vogue mind so as to more or less in mint condition Intel-powered laptops get even better HD5000 GPUs -- but honestly, not a bit of these are up for grabs to happen close to even a straightforward discrete GPU from Nvidia.

Lone area anywhere the Duo 13 kills the competition is battery life. All of the first Intel fourth-generation soul i-series laptops we've tested has twisted in vogue impressive battery life scores, but the Duo 13 is especially benefit, running in favor of 8 hours and 53 minutes in vogue our videotape playback battery drain test. That's a celebrated cut, and it spirit take place attractive to think it over how the in mint condition 13-inch MacBook Air matches up, with Apple claiming 12 filled hours from so as to arrangement.

To its believe, Sony took a arrangement so as to was better in vogue view than execution -- the real McCoy Duo 11 -- and has made substantial upgrades and changes, all of which tell somebody to it a better item for consumption. The 13-inch screen is additional practical than the lesser 11-inch version, the addition of a (tiny) join pad is a bulky step to the fore, and the redesigned turning point is better than the overly fussy lone on the real McCoy.

So as to understood, there's still a key hurdle at this time. Nix question how many improvements get moved out into the Duo 13, nearby simply can take place nix real court case to take place made in favor of a slider-style PC. In favor of tablet get through, a uncorrupted slate facility better. In favor of laptop get through, something with an modifiable screen tilt and a full-size join pad is come again? You intend. And, if you really need a hybrid device, models with separable before rotating screens are additional flexible and don't leave the put on view constantly exposed to the elements. The Duo 13 is nicely situate collected, but unbreakable to truly advocate in favor of anybody in vogue the real humanity.

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