TOSHIBA HG6 SSD evaluate

They may possibly not come about superlative recognized in favor of their SSDs but around a time in the past we took a look by the side of our opening drive from Toshiba and found it to come about a very competitive section. It open analogous performance to the leading drives of so as to generation and the nix frills make contact with to the upshot inevitable it was too competitively priced.

Earlier this time Toshiba announced their further generation of SSDs, the HG6. It might not allow the snappiest last name but if it performs in the role of well touching the competition in the role of their prior drives we be supposed to come about in the field of in favor of an impressive backdrop of records.

Toshiba-ssd-front toshiba-ssd-rear
Our evaluate sample of the HG6 at home devoid of retail packing before a bundle so we start with a look by the side of the drive itself and recover so as to it uses a slim 7mm metal casing. 9.5mm versions are too existing in the role of are mSATA and M.2 options. We can go to see the SATA 6GB/s power and data connectors on single part and an in order label on the top.


Toshiba offer capacities of 60, 128, 256 and 512GB on the HG6 and ours is the 512GB version. Inside we recover all Toshiba parts, with their most up-to-date generation controller and it sits beside eight 19nm Toggle 2.0 MLC NAND display chips. Toshiba are finely honed to take notice of their quadruple swing-by code mistake correction know-how which is venture lesson. The progression too skin texture come to an end to come to an end data path protection and self encryption which is compliant with TCG/OPAL 2.0.

In the field of requisites of build quality Toshiba make pretty much everything proper on the HG6. We search out a careful solid metal casing, their quality NAND, and the most up-to-date 19nm edition by the side of so as to. The controller is too their own and of run this backdrop of quality components is existing across the various formats of drive they offer in the field of the HG6 kind. The build quality may possibly come about helpful but design prudent they possibly will die a minute promote in the field of making the drive new delightful. Its not essential, but it would help the drives appeal to modders a fragment new.

Really though a SSD stands and spray on reliablaily and performance. We know from expeirence with the keep up generation of drive so as to its durability has been helpful and we would expect the same from this range too. In favor of the performance aspect (full results existing on the after that page) we allow a drive which does well. It may possibly not come about the fastest drive in the field of imitation tests but in the field of real humanity make use of it repeatedly sits by the side of the same level in the role of the fastest options from the competition.

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