Latest hot news: Sony FS7 launched, portable Super35 4K camera, exclusive hands-on capture on tape

Sony absolutely announced the new to the job PXW-FS7, a new to the job 4K XDCAM camera with a Super35mm CMOS sensor. Unlike round about other site’s speculation, this is not departure to change the FS700, it’s more readily a new to the job kind of Sony camera.
I was blessed as much as necessary to take place invited to London by Sony in the sphere of imposing used for a hands-on with the still very secret FS7 camera alongside round about other bloggers and round about YouTubers, someplace this capture on tape was shot.

The FS7 has a unique new to the job compact design preordained to take place used on the shoulder “out of the box” with a built-in adaptable grip and run which skin texture zoom control (for compatible lenses). Rebuff rig mandatory.
It can film 4K in the sphere of XAVC Intra and XAVC prolonged GOP formats (up to 600Mbit/s) in the sphere of 10-bit 4:2:2 in the sphere of up to 60 frames apiece back up. It can film long-drawn-out suggestion in the sphere of up to 180fps in the sphere of proper 1080p solution. According to the press emancipation, support used for QFHD 3840 x 2160 solution choice take place to be had by the blind date of launch, but 4096 x 2160 solution support choice take place provided by firmware revise scheduled used for untimely 2015.
SonyPro FS7 1 640x445 Sony FS7 launched, portable Super35 4K camera, exclusive hands on capture on tape
As soon as motto “4K” Sony really income Quad full up HD (QFHD or else UHD), which choice take place upgradeable to real 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) in the sphere of untimely 2015. The native sensitivity of the sensor seems to take place ISO 2000 (like on the F5), but this has yet to take place set by Sony.
Sony firm to spread with 2 XQD tag slots as a substitute of SxS Pro+ due to the piece of evidence with the aim of XQD cards offer the extraordinary break the speed limit mandatory used for interior 4K recording by the side of sink prices.
Sony fs7 grip Sony FS7 launched, portable Super35 4K camera, exclusive hands on videoThe camera has 4 built-in ND’s which are mechanically switchable with a dial alike to the single on the F5 and F55. The LCD viewfinder comes with an attachable loupe which seems to take place the same Sony used on the FS100 and FS700 (yes, really – unfortunately … I hope for they would take part in passed on with a new to the job apparatus with the aim of can take place attached undoubtedly with single hand).
Sony in addition announced an addition building block called XDCA-FS7 (don’t you sweetheart folks names?) which enables the FS7 to natively notation ProRes 422 (in 1080p), and it skin texture a 4K/2K unrefined output which mechanism with Sony’s HXR-IFR5 and AXS-R5 recorder because well because the Convergent Design Odyssey Q7.

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Sony FS7 Sony FS7 launched, portable Super35 4K camera, exclusive hands on capture on tape
With its α Mount usage, the FS7 makes mistreat of Sony’s Silent Focus skill and Electrical Iris Control, and Sony in addition ships the FS7 (as “FS7K”) with its new to the job powered E-Mount zoom lens FE PZ 28-135mm F4 G OSS. (I hope for this lens would take place wider though, it’s really not varied as much as necessary used for documentary applications on a Super35mm sensor).
The new to the job lens is fully powered and can take place powered through the grip, it includes steady shot stabilization and skin texture a new to the job kind of motor (SSM – Super Sonic wave motor) used for condensed zoom and focus sound.