Canon IXUS 110 IS review

Canon IXUS 110 IS loads with a 12.1 million effective pixel CCD image sensor, 28mm wide-angle, and 4x optical zoom IS lens focal length equivalent to 28-112 mm, making it strong versatility. At the same time the camera uses a 2.8-inch, 23-megapixel "Crystal Hyun II" LCD liquid crystal screen, the screen has a high brightness, there is a good performance even under the light. The card machine has been currently set to $315, coming with a 4GB high speed card, homemade spare batteries, camera bags, Protector.
The four sides of Canon IXUS 110 IS camera is more or less traditional without too much modification, and we can also feel, compared to only 18.4 millimeters thick body of the IXUS 100 IS, IXUS 110 IS looks to be thicker out. due to the placement of a 2.8-inch, 23-megapixel "Crystal Hyun II" LCD liquid crystal screen, in general the entire camera is also relatively longer than a lot of cameras, and at the same time the design of the back is very simple, , IXUS 110 IS has only two buttons in addition to the multi-function button.

Canon IXUS series always won a lot of consumers’ concern for its outstanding image quality and fashion design. And the section IXUS 110 IS is developed to be more "slender". The airplane's performance at high sensitivity is absolutely outstanding, making it the most popular digital cameras in the first half of 2009.
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