Michael Jackson was killed by anesthetic propofol

Los Angeles police confirmed the updated dead news about Michael Jackson on the afternoon of August 24 local time (midnight GMT on the 25th): The Los Angeles County coroner determined the well-known rock star Michael Jackson died of "lethal levels" of the powerful anesthetic propofol June 25, 2009.
The court documents quote the L.A. County coroner's office as reaching that conclusion after an autopsy of the pop star.

The documents address one of the major unanswered questions surrounding Jackson's death. But they also raise the new questions about how Jackson was treated to death, particularly in the hours before his death.

This Monday the Los Angeles prosecutor provided by the medical findings showed lethal dose of anesthetic propofol is the main reason for Jackson's sudden death. The coroner determined that Jackson's death as a homicide. Jackson's sudden death at home was classified as homicide by the Los Angeles Police Department, open to his powerful sedative drugs, Doctors Murray, was regarded as an important suspect, who were made several raids at homes by the located police.
According to local media reports, propofol is a potent sedative, used to be managed by a professional anesthesiologist, but Murray does not have the medication qualifications, even if he claims in order to help Michael to sleep by using propofol, he still could not escape being criminal charged of manslaughter.
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