Fortune: Facebookstarted confrontation with Google

Google VS Facebook:

Facebook can beat Google? Facebook will soon launch a series of new features, it is the competitive situation with Google is increasingly apparent. These new features will be April 21 of the Developers Conference which introduced the concept and is based on the relationship between people re-organizational networks, rather than the page, this is for search and advertising and have a significant impact Hp ProBook 4510s battery.

Just a simple page in the network, when Google is the search leader, to provide users with the most useful page. Currently, Google is still the best search engines, and will continuously improve the user's search algorithm. Recently, I and a colleague were in the Google search supermodel Haidikelin (Heidi Klum), I got the first three results are text links, and he received the picture. We screenshots show it Google chief economist Hal Fan Ruian (Hal Varian) to see, he nodded knowingly. Hall said that Google has been providing personalized search results to better efforts, and this is the effort.

As networks become increasingly dynamic, Google reveals inadequate.

As the micro-Bo and the emergence of social networking sites, anyone can post a message, get real time results. Therefore, the social networking sites to generate a large amount of data. The data is difficult to be indexed, but also provides real-time results is almost impossible. In addition, the network has been everywhere - BlackBerry, iPad, notebooks. Obviously, we need to better organize information. When I search Haidikelin, I would like to know is a friend of her evaluation, which read the article about her, and she is just being addressed in a nearby bookstore.

Strive to expand their social network Facebook

With the introduction of these new features, Facebook to extend their influence beyond the site. It is expected, Facebook CEO Makezhake Berg (Mark Zuckerberg) will be announced in the keynote speech hp ProBook 4515s battery, "like" button. Using this feature, users will be able to mark any content on the network as "like", but Facebook will be able to collect data on user preferences.

In addition, Facebook may also launched a toolbar, so Web publishers can place it in the bottom of the page hp ProBook 4710s battery. Using this toolbar, users can not leave the current site for social networking activities. A blog said, Facebook is testing a developer tool that allows any website to add a Facebook page.

With the Facebook site launched more than functions, their strategies are more and more like Google's early strategy. Like the "Times" reported, a search Google first choice for those sites will be followed by other sites into the search box, and then followed by the advertising system into other sites.

Google can meet the challenge?

So far, Google's use of information on social networking sites was not successful. Although the agreement between Google and Twitter, Twitter in the search results display the content, but not sure how to improve the traditional search experience. This year in February, Google launched the Buzz, so Gmail users to share updates and comments, but the feature to "friends list" in the form of a user's address book open, it has been criticized. Google adopted different strategies and Facebook, it is not used the software into the user's site, but construction of new sand table to attract customers. But now appears that people do not like to take toys to play in this sandbox. Instead, Facebook to integrate with other services, to include the entire Internet in their own sandbox.

For Facebook's share functionality, the present occupation is most in need of the user's inbox, because this is the most common users. Facebook's messaging system is too bulky, difficult to organize. Although Buzz is not accepted by users, but Gmail still has a large number of users, so Google can rethink how to use the social network level, thus improving the search results.

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