Mashable Founder: Like button to help Facebook a lot


April 23 message, Facebook launched a new feature this week, users can click on the website in the major co-occur "Like" button, and friends to share the content.

Leading technology blog Mashable founder and CEO Pitekashen Moore (Pete Cashmore) today, the author pointed out that, "Like" Facebook will be its tentacles into every corner of the Internet on the user's personal preferences to achieve unprecedented control Canon BP-827 Battery, and it can be introduced to personalized search and advertising. Facebook will Twitter is far behind them, and ultimately challenge the king of today's online world - Google.

The following is the full text article:

Users each click "Like" button, Facebook and its partner sites to the interests of users on a better understanding of, and therefore can provide more personalized service.

This feature is very simple but very powerful - will rival Twitter fatal blow. Once the formation of this network effect, it is difficult to imagine that a company can shake the Facebook social networking community in dominance. If you can not effectively deal with Google also could face the risk of being overtaken Lg LSBA06.AEX battery.

Facebook on Twitter: size matters

Twitter can be said to be Facebook's direct competitor, but its growth rate has been less than Facebook, currently only has 100 million users, Facebook has more than 400 million. Social network size is important because the network publishers and developers want their products and services for more people to use, tend to choose the largest social networking site.

For example, if a network publishers need to Twitter's "Retweet" and Facebook's "Like" button to make a choice, considering that most users have a Facebook account, there is no doubt "Like" will be selected Sony VGP-BPS9S battery.

In addition, "Like" more powerful: it can tell the user how many friends have been "like" the same content, a small window, the user will be recommended to the topic of the article. The button will promote the growth of Facebook, to reach out into every corner of the Internet.

Similarly, the site also may be in the "Facebook account to log on through" and "log on through the Twitter account" to choose between, choose the Facebook site will get a higher conversion rate. In each case, the largest Web site is a winner.

Twitter and the development of the rift between

Meanwhile, Twitter developer community with a lot of conflicts there between, and it is these developers through the preparation of a variety of mobile and desktop applications, has promoted the growth of Twitter.

Prior to the acquisition of the popular Twitter iPhone client, and the official launch of the BlackBerry phone application, many developers began to wonder Hp pavilion dv2 battery, Twitter would not order an official application for each platform, kill all the third-party developer? Facebook, by contrast, the "Like" button on the development of new tools such as those brought about endless opportunities. Twitter could start again unless the growth and revive the confidence of developers, Facebook's lead will only increase.

Google on Facebook: Personalized Search

Facebook is gaining provide personalized search results and advertising capabilities, will look to the largest Internet companies Google.

Google dominated the era of the Internet hyperlinks, links to each site are equivalent to one vote, Google through the information to provide the most relevant search results and to build a seemingly insurmountable search engine.

However, the link on the page is no longer relevant decisions of the most abundant resources, on the contrary, it is through sites such as Facebook and Twitter to share links with friends. Now Google pay a fee to the social networking Web site for public updates, but the lack of search results can make a real key to personal data. Google can not control the user's friends, interests lists, Facebook can.

Facebook has built the world's best search engine's potential, according to the user's friends and interested in providing search results. "Like" button on the launch means that Facebook will further control the user's personal preferences.

Facebook: the world's best ad network?

Most of the revenue from Google ads, these ads are usually content with the user's search or browse the content of the page. Google also personalize these ads, but its interest for the user's understanding of friends and of course, not as in Facebook. Facebook on the network by thousands of "Like" button to collect large amounts of data, to form a GoogleAdSense rival ad networks.

Google's social troubles

If Google wants to keep its search and advertising leader, it must improve its social network.

GoogleBuzz that Google recently introduced a social product, but it was a privacy advocacy organizations criticized, they pointed out that records the user's communication may be open to use Buzz. Although the Google of the flaw was fixed, but Buzz still not developed greatly. Google other social projects - OpenSocial and Friend Connect are currently no known, few people know of their existence.

If Google wants to deal with the threat of Facebook, on the need to create new ways to discover a user's interests and social relationships laptop battery. Google has been in the development of social applications not performing well, catch up with the most simple way is to buy Twitter.

Facebook may not be sure of success

While the future of Facebook in the competition for leadership in the way big advantage, but it is far from foregone conclusion. Twitter will introduce the "Notes" (annotations) function to add the message in Twitter additional information. Now Google also hold plenty of cash, you can make any purchase.

In addition, Facebook's user base where there are fragile: they may turn to other sites overnight embrace, making Facebook and Friendster MySpace repeat the mistake.