Microsoft will introduce a low mobile phone version of Windows Phone 7


The news from foreign media, Microsoft Visual Studio development director Sudeep Bharat in India said recently that Microsoft will release low-end configuration of the Windows Phone 7 phones, in order to meet emerging market demands.

Microsoft had previously released the General Assembly at the MIX 10 over Windows Phone 7 phone minimum hardware specifications, including the camera, sensor, display, memory, Laptop battery, GPU, CPU, including the hardware requirements are very strict, while the overall configuration of view , the price will be very high.

Sudeep Bharat said that Microsoft is working with handset makers to negotiate, to fight for lower phone with version of WP7 to have a good price. However, he did not explain the lower version of Windows Phone 7 with conventional version of configuration differences between what is possible is to use the small screen to control costs. Low with the new version is expected to be with the regular version of WP7 mobile phone market in the Christmas shopping period.

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