iPhone OS4 show AT & T will increase the sharing of Internet access

Apple news:

May 20, according to foreign media reports, from the current iPhone OS 4 beta indications, AT & T (AT & T) will increase the iPhone users to share Internet access (tethering).

In fact, as early as two years ago AT & T had already promised, will iPhone users to share Internet access, although this HP nc8230 battery feature has not been released so far, but the current beta version of iPhone OS 4 view, with the upcoming iPhone OS 4 the official launch this summer, now it seem to have evidence that AT & T will follow soon release shared Internet access.

According to the relevant interface screenshot shows, the user can set the share access. Start this feature, the screen will show some DELL XPS M1530 Battery settings options, users can use the AT & T networking. So far, a number of other countries and regions iPhone carriers already provide shared Internet access.

However, some industry to remind said user is currently still remain calm, because AT & T earlier in the test iPhone OS 3 is also join the shared Internet access, but the official release Shique to cancel this function, based on this factor, these Analysts said AT & T will not rule out the official version of iPhone OS 4 in the cancellation of shared Internet access again.

AT & T previously has repeatedly said it will offer shared Internet access, but has been unable to give a specific date. In view of this, AT & T this summer can really give this feature, now DELL XPS M1730 Battery remains to be seen.

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