Google: Asian search market competition transfers from PC to phone


May 21, according to foreign media reports, Google is responsible for business development head and said Charles Rim, the Asian search market leader in the fight will shift to mobile computers Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery, as more and more Asians use the mobile Internet. Different in the United States, Asians received the phone quickly browse the Internet or check e-mail as a means.

Rim in the United States - Merrill Lynch Bank organized a conference in Singapore and said, mobile Internet, Dell Studio 1735 battery and mobile Internet usage, the impact is very profound. Therefore, we have seen in many Asian countries, mobile phones have replaced the landline phone example.

Rim said Google in the search area will actually move the battlefield battlefield. It is more important than the PC Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery and related more to the battlefield.

Search business for Google is still an important business like Dell Studio 1735 battery. This is the Google decided to enter the competition is fierce, but more lucrative Smartphone market reasons.

Rim asked, why should we enter the mobile phone market? This is not because we can make a lot of money by selling mobile phones. But because we want to help spread low-cost mobile phone. Cheap mobile phones will push the Internet Dell Studio 17 battery become more popular. We know that this will give us the search engine feedback.

In January this year, Google launched its Nexus One phone, marking its entry into the smart phone market Dell Studio 17 battery, so that Google and Apple's successful iPhone launch direct competition.

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