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Sony news:

August 26, according to foreign media reports, Sony today announced its first wireless e-reader Reader Daily Edition, in the growing e-book market, launched a powerful challenge to the Amazon.

Reader Daily Edition 7-inch e-reader configuration screen, using aluminum shell, 399 U.S. dollars, will be on sale in the United States in December.

AT & T will "Daily Edition" to provide 3G services.

Previously, the e-reader market has been the Amazon Kindle came out top. Amazon Kindle does not disclose sales, Sony laptop battery said in January the company has sold 40 million units in Reader. Before Sony introduced the price was 199 U.S. dollars and 299 U.S. dollars in the Reader Pocket Edition and Reader Touch Edition, but sold far less than Kindle.

Although some users the convenience of e-readers is dumping, but analysts pointed out that a significant reduction in the price before, these products still are "Spring Snow." Kindle Standard Edition sells for 299 U.S. dollars, Deluxe Edition sells for 489 U.S. dollars. Kindle has wireless connectivity, but does not support touch screen.

Market research firm NPD Group consumer technology analyst Luosilubin (Ross Rubin) said, "Wireless connectivity is that the Kindle be popular with consumers because increased wireless connectivity of the Reader to fill a gap in functionality. Our study shows Consumers are very interested in wireless connectivity. "Currently, Reader must connect the computer to download content.

Sony VGP-BPS8 also announced a few weeks ago, the books will be used EPUB standard; users can support the EPUB standard of any equipment to read the Sony VGP-BPS8 books. This will help to attract reluctant to proprietary restrictions by Amazon customers, Amazon e-book only through Kindle, iPhone and iPod Touch to read.

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